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AI-driven data analytics to generate intuitive and decision making insights for small and enterprise business.

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For Brands and Agencies

Convert your insights to performance.

By integrating DMD publisher and advertising capabilities, you may take action to improve marketing performance.

Derive more insightful information to boost ROI.

Get more value out of your data, using DMD machine learning to uncover new insights and predict future customer actions.

Unlock analytics that is customer-focused.

Analyze how users interact with your sites and apps over the course of their complete lifecycle.

Intelligent marketing decisions

The effectiveness and reach of your marketing intelligence initiatives can be greatly increased by prioritizing specific goals.

Optimized marketing spends

Additionally, analytics can offer profound insights into a customer's preferences from their past and present tendencies.

Improved customer experience

Clients demand a personalized experience and Market players uses current trends by using a business strategy for personalisation experience.

DMD Analytics

Driving Holistic Data Insights

Deeper behavioural insights can help you better understand your partners and their ROI and engagement without the need for a data scientist.

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DMD Data analytics

Get to know your customers

Get a deeper understanding of your customers. DMD Analytics gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your business in one place.

Customer Understanding

Through More Data Insights

For detailed behavioural insights, use the sophisticated analytics tools provided by the Insights Add-on. Identify which of your customers are intended uses, examine retention trends in greater detail, develop unique analytics, and pinpoint crucial conversion paths that are particular to your consumers.

Funnel Report

Utilize funnel data to understand user behavior and improve their experience by calculating the conversion rate and drop-off from one step to another and across the entire funnel.
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Retention Report

User Retention measure data to understand app's performance over time, monitor user loyalty and deliver an engaging app experience.
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For Brands and Agencies

Reduce Marketing Expenses

Marketers are always looking for ways to economize.

Maximize Marketing ROI

Understanding which channels are most influential providers.

Promote Potential Customers

Staying in touch with customers is a great way to keep your brand ahead