Protect your Media cost Against Ad Fraud using AI & ML Platform.

Protecting your brand against Wasting money on boats, invalid clicks,
install etc using smart AI & ML Third-Eye Platform from DriveMetaData

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AI/ML Based Protection

AI/ML-based ad fraud detection platforms can help you identify fraud efficiently.

Quick Integration

Easily Integrate with any application and prevent from a fraudster or advertising fraud.

Rules-Based Detection

Create Ad Fraud rule across Channels from to prevent bots Clicks, Installs & In-App Events.

Advance Fraud Analytics

Advanced fraud data analytics improve the efficiency and effectiveness of fraudulent activities.
About DMD

Centralized Analysis & Protection.

Our Third-Eye Fraud Prevention Suite analyzes every activity Online and Offline data from third party data for abnormalities and fraudulent action.

Online Analysis

Analyzes each & every event in real-time abnormalities and potentially fraudulent action.

Offline Analysis

Save Media cost from Fraudulent clicks, install or in-app activity from third party data platform.

How we help product manager?

Act against fraudster before they commit fraud

Through a deeper understanding we act on invalid clicks, install etc using smart AI & ML before they commit fraud.

Pre-built integrations to 100+ data sources

DMD support 100+ ready to use integrations accross database, SaaS applications, Cloud storage, SDKs and streaming services. Effortlessly connect any source and analyze data accross various data formats.

Our Competitive Advantages

For Brands and Agencies

Reduce Marketing Expenses

Marketers are always looking for ways to economize.

Maximize Marketing ROI

Understanding which channels are most influential providers.

Promote Potential Customers

Staying in touch with customers is a great way to keep your brand ahead

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Our awesome services

We give best facilites

Built-in Performance & Reliability

We offer you World-Class performance across your Marketing Channels with More Reliability and Maximum Accessibility.

100% GDPR Friendly Compliant

We have EU data protection regulations and implemented sophisticated strategies to benefit both publishers and advertisers!

Scalable, Optimized and Reliable

Our Software handles Million of request Per Second, and has various tools to drive better performance.

24*7 Expert Availability

From strategy, creativity, analytics, and optimization, our Performance Marketing team is here for you around the clock.

Dedicated Account Manager

Interact With Dedicated Relationship Manager via Email, Call or Skype for any type of quries.

Free Customization

Customise Our Software as Per Your Business Requirements With No Added Charges.