Data-Driven & AI-powered Multi-touch Attribution

Elevate your Marketing effectiveness with our robust Data-Driven & AI-powered Attribution solution.

All your data, under one roof

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Multi-Touch Attribution

Multi-Touch attribution allows you to understand credit for a conversion or more touchpoints in the customer's journey.

Cost Aggregation

Help you to understand the accurate and holistic insights dashboard in one uniform platform to optimize your campaign.

Analyze Lifecycle

Get data-driven approach of the customer journey and customers based purchase consideration and engagement.

SKAdNetwork Attribution

Our rich SKAdNetwork solution help you for measuring attribution of mobile ad campaigns for iOS apps.

Fraud Prevention

Block Bot Traffic. Fight Click Fraud. Block Invalid Clicks. Block Organic install hijacking. Block Fake in-app events.

ROI insights

Turn data driven insights into action and action into revenue. Prioritize action plans with the highest ROI.


One Marketing suite for all marketing stack.

Custom Attribution Rule

Set your own attribution model or algorithm to determine conversion or different touchpoints credit on a conversion path.

Validation Rule

Define your own partner conversion validation rule on clicks, install or in-app that evaluates the data in one or more fields.

Deep linking

Deliver seamless iOS and Android user experiences with powerful marketing link to improve app conversions & retention.

Pre-Integrated Partner

Don't Worry to Set-Up Publisher or parttner Postbacks. Get pre-integrated partner Postback. Set Custom Permission.

Advance Analytics

Make data-driven decisions and gain deeper insights on customer preferences, behaviour, ROI, cohart, and other insights

Seamless Integration

Our easy API and SDK integration save time and developer resources and allows organizations to automate business processes.

Pre-built integrations to 100+ data sources

DMD support 100+ ready to use integrations accross database, SaaS applications, Cloud storage, SDKs and streaming services. Effortlessly connect any source and analyze data accross various data formats.

Data analytics

Get to know your customers

Get a deeper understanding of your customers. DriveMetaData Analytics gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your business in one place.

Connected Data Solution for Team.

Comprehensive Attribution solution in One Platform

Our super easy attribution platform collects touchpoints across all channels, captures conversions throughout the entire funnel and provides analytics, fraud protection and measurement.
  • Compare Attribution Models
  • Best Use of Data
  • Our experts works harder
  • Data Governence
  • SDK or S2S Integration
  • AI-Fueled Insights

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Reduce Marketing Expenses

Marketers are always looking for ways to economize.

Maximize Marketing ROI

Understanding which channels are most influential providers.

Promote Potential Customers

Staying in touch with customers is a great way to keep your brand ahead